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The Total Fitness Makeover has been designed to integrate fun, energizing, empowering and time-efficient personal training sessions in a small group for a workout that delivers results, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer.

Cincinnatians of all fitness levels, sizes and abilities are gaining great results with the Total Fitness Makeover!

Total Fitness Makeover

The Total Fitness Makeover Program

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Total Fitness Makeover

Cincinnatians of all fitness levels, sizes and abilities are gaining great results with the Total Fitness Makeover! You can too! Are you looking for a Jump Start to your fitness program? Whether you need to boost metabolism, shape up, slim down, tighten and tone your muscles, the TFM is for you! Whether you are a beginner, an avid fitness enthusiast or just tired of the same routine, come try this whole new approach to personal's fun and it just simply works!

Our Program

Now Accepting Registrations...Fun, Energizing Program To Achieve Your Best Health and Fitness Tone Up, Slim DownAward Winning Trainers

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If You’ve Got Three Hours A Week,
Then We Guarantee to Get You Into The Best Shape
Of Your Life… 


2-Steps to get started:

  1. Fill out the online registration by clicking here.
  2. Get set up for your pre-TFM health & fitness analysis and nutrition workshop and prepare to see some serious results.

Just imagine…

- No more looking in the mirror and feeling frustrated and disappointed about where your body has ended up.
- No more feeling sluggish by the time the clock rolls into the afternoon.
- No more worrying about looming health issues you should be taking steps to avoid.
- And no more feeling guilty each time you sit down to eat a meal.


The Proven Approach To Glowing Health And A Firm, Strong, Toned Physique!

Instead of struggling, pushing, and fighting to get fit and healthy on your own – what if you had your very own health and fitness team to give you expert support and guidance?

A team that will walk you through every single step to losing those unwanted pounds… boosting your energy levels… feeling good about yourself and helping you look great.

And what if you could get that kind of expert guidance – that many people pay $65 - 90 an hour for – at a price almost anyone could afford?

 Sound too good to be true? Think again…

 The Affordable, Effective, Time Efficient Way For Cincinnatians To Get In Great Shape: The Total Fitness Makeover!

 100% Guaranteed Results

If you're ready to get started, the TFM is ready for you!  Click here to register!

Total Fitness Makeover is a month to month small group fitness training program right here in Cincinnati that will get you out of your fitness rut, and give you the custom tailored skills and knowledge you need to achieve your health & fitness goals – and make them last.

Unlike diet programs, books, and other flawed “solutions”… the Total Fitness Makeover program will give you the personal, expert guidance of one of our highly knowledgeable personal trainers.

Each group is limited to just 8 - 12 people, so you’ll get the support, motivation, and precise guidance you need to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of lasting health & fitness.

Getting Healthy Inside And Out!

As a Total Fitness Makeover member, you’ll get more than just access to exercise equipment.

You’ll get a complete, time tested system for achieving health and wellness – all laid out for you step-by-step.

After going through our time-tested and refined education process, you’ll be able to take the tools and knowledge you gain and use it on your own to maintain excellent health and vitality for years to come! 

You are what you eat: Laying the foundation for your success!

The program kicks off with a special 90-minute Foundational Nutrition Workshop. During this  seminar, we’ll demystify proper nutrition and break through the false beliefs people have about losing weight (and keeping it off), creating energy that lasts all day, and building a slim and toned physique.

You’ll discover the simple steps to creating exciting new levels of health, energy, and vitality simply by eating the right foods not only make you feel good, but taste good too! 

Next, you’ll go through our revealing health and fitness assessment process.

You’ll be tested on things like VO2Max (heart health), strength, flexibility, and body composition to discover your starting place.

Then, the TFM specialists will work with you to develop a custom tailored action plan and goal sheet to fit your aspirations – but most important, to fit your body’s unique traits.

Once we’re finished, you’ll have a clear course of action to follow that’s completely customized to your unique needs. Throughout the rest of the program, you won’t just learn a bunch of tiredl exercises and generic nutrition tips. You’ll get exactly the right advice for you, so you can effectively manage your health and fitness in the most optimal way in the future.

The Simple Steps to Join the TFM Program:

  1. Pick your class schedule.
  2. Fill out the online registration by clicking here.
  3. Get set up for your pre-TFM health & fitness analysis and nutrition workshop and prepare to see some serious results.


3 Hours Of Guided Exercise Each Week

Each week, you’ll meet with your personal trainer and your new Total Fitness Makeover friends three times, for one hour each session. 

Your personal trainer will hold your hand through the entire process, teaching you a wide range of fun, health enhancing, body shaping and fat burning exercises. Unlike many programs that only focus on one type of exercise, the TFM integrates multiple disciplines and fitness approaches including strength, cardio, palates, yoga, boot camp, functional & core training and lots more... you get results because the program constantly changes, ensuring you don't reach a plateau.

You’ll get your heart pumping, your metabolism humming, and your muscles toning…

If your goal is to find greater ease in lifting your child, greater comfort in the daily tasks your body is challenged by, or improvement of your golf game, you'll be on the path of ongoing and consistent progress. If the goal is to trim the waist or get rid of cellulite and body fat or just simply to feel great and reduce stress, the TFM program will get you there...and faster than you probably think.


It's Like Having Your Own Team Of Fitness, Nutrition, Health, And Stress Reduction Specialists Holding Your Hand Every Step Of The Way

The Total Fitness Makeover program is based on cutting edge research studies and real world testing done by the top fitness, health, nutrition, and stress reduction specialists in the country.

Our team collaborates on a weekly basis with expert dieticians, personal trainers, physicians, and other health and fitness specialists to make sure that the information and guidance we give to you is proven to make you look and feel better.

And it's all disigned to benefit you and your health & fitness!


All The Tools You Need To Stay On Track And Make Real, Lasting Changes

You also get powerful, easy to use tools to make sure you are heading in the right direction every step of the way. Instead of feeling lost, overwhelmed, or confused you’ll be able to maintain your focus, and continue to feel empowered.

This includes access to your own online nutrition and diet control panel. Like having a Registered Dietitian with your 24 hours a day, the Bodybugg software will give you healthy meal suggestions, making sure you are eating the right foods to meet your weight and nutrition goals, and quickly plan out your meals for the week to save time and confusion - Click here for a video demo.

You’ll also get access to…

  • Simple, easy to follow recipes that are delicious as well as healthy (you may be surprised at how little you really have to sacrifice).

  • Weekly empowerment and educational emails with powerful tips for achieving results.

If you're ready to get started on a Life Changing journey, click here to register!

Why Trust Us With Your Health?

We understand that your health is the most important thing in your life - without it, what else do you have? And that’s why we also understand how important it is to find people you can trust to help you improve and maintain your health and fitness.

The creator of the Total Fitness Makeover has been awarded the "Top 50 Trainers in America" designation.

And the TFM program has been featured inThe Wall Street Journal .  The TFM staff collaborates on a weekly basis with the most respected fitness & nutrition experts in the nation, including Kelli Calabrese, Phil Kaplan, Dr. Chris Mohr, Jonathan Ross, Brian Schiff, among many others. Our network of Registered Dieticians, Physical Therapists, Leading Fitness Professionals and Doctors allow us to continually aspire to and acquire the highest level of knowledge with the sole purpose of delivering the most safe, effective and stimulating programs to all of our clients.

We go well beyond delivering great workouts; our goal is to educate and empower you for life, so you can take complete control over you health, fitness and weight loss success. Our passion is helping you.

But anyone can claim to know a lot about health and fitness. Which is why we are most proud of our 11year track record with hundreds of success stories from real people in Cincinnati. These are the same people you work with, live next to, and shop at the grocery store with. And we know that if it can work for them, it can work for you too. Click here to read some testimonials from your friends and neighbors!


In Fact, We’re So Confident The Results From Your Total Fitness Makeover Will Completely Thrill You – We Want You To Test Drive Your TFM Program Completely Risk Free!

Come join us in this exciting transformation process for yourself. Discover new, more powerful ways of looking at your health and fitness. And experience the pounds melting away, the boost in energy, the decline in stress, and the overall sense of well being first hand.

If you aren’t completely thrilled with what you learn or the real life results you experience by the end of the program, just let us know. We’ll refund every penny of your program fee. No questions asked.

All we ask is that you commit to going through the entire process and attend every training session with your personal trainer. Because you won’t get results if you don’t take action.


Are You Ready To Gain The Lifelong Skills And Habits To Creating A Healthier, Happier, More Energized You?

You have two options:

You can continue on the path you’ve taken in the past. You can buy into the next fad diet or exercise program. You can go it alone, only to fizzle out after a few weeks. And you can end up right back where you started.

Or, you can align yourself with a team of health and fitness experts who are ready to do everything in their power to help you succeed. To personally motivate and support you, so when the time comes to go off on your own you’ll have the habits you need to stay healthy and fit for good.

To re-cap, here’s what’s included…

  • 90 Minute Foundational Nutrition Workshop - Clearing Up the Myths, Sharing the Realities & Empowering You for Success
  • Health & Fitness Analysis and Medical Report - Details Here
  • (3) 60-minute small group Personal Training Sessions each week
  • Your own Bodybugg Online Nutrition Tracking Software with Interactive Report Card
    & Food Suggestion System - Details Here
  • Simple, Easy To Follow Recipes for Nutrition Success
  • Weekly Empowerment & Educational E-mails
  • Step by Step, Hands On, Guided Instruction
  • Fun, Effective and Results Oriented Program Designed by Nationally Recognized Personal Trainer, Brian Calkins
  • Motivation and support
  • 100% No Questions Asked Guaranteed Results!

There are 3 Simple Steps to get started:

  1. Pick your class schedule.
  2. Fill out the online registration by clicking here.
  3. Get set up for your pre-TFM health & fitness analysis and nutrition workshop and prepare to see some serious results.


Who is this Program for?

The TFM program is for anyone looking for a physical change - All shapes, sizes and abilities! Regardless of where you are today you WILL get a work-out to accommodate your goals! Groups are currently limited to 8 participants.

The Goal:

The goal is to allow Cincinnatians from all walks of life an opportunity for the best results-oriented workout they've ever experienced, all in a fun and 100% supportive atmosphere. The results can be dramatic over time. In fact, the TFM program should prove to be the most rewarding fitness experience you've ever had. The combination of the right instruction, education and empowerment results in the adaptation of a new you! The TFM staff are here to support “your best health, energy and physical body.”

How Much?

One on one personal training cost $65 - $90 per session. Through the Total Fitness Makeover program you can work with our top qualified training staff for as little as $17 per session - That's less than one-third the cost of hiring a top-notch trainer, but still gives you all the benefits and more!

When Does the TFM Take Place?

You Pick the Group and Time That Works Best for You:
TFM Group 1:  Mon & Wed-6pm and Sat-10am - click here to register- 3 spots available
TFM Group 2:  Tue & Thurs-6pm and Sat-9am - click here to register - 2 spots available
TFM Group 3:  Mon & Wed-7pm and Sat-10am - click here to register- 2 spots available
TFM Group 4:  Tue & Thurs-7pm and Sat-9am   Sold Out!
TFM Group 5Tue & Thurs-6am and Sat-10am - click here to register - 2 spots available
TFM Group 6:  Mon, Wed, Fri-6am - click here to register- 1 spot available
TFM Group 7:  Mon, Wed, Fri-7am - Sold Out!
TFM Group 8:  Mon, Wed, Fri-8am -  click here to register- 2 spots available
 to join the waiting list.

Don’t wait. Slots fill up fast and you may not get a chance like this again soon. Isn’t it time you finally got the expert guidance, support, and tools you need to really succeed? Reserve your spot and start slimming down, toning up, and becoming more healthy and energized now!


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